About Us

We are the Upper Valley Fencing Club (UVFC). UVFC is a member club of the United States Fencing Association Green Mountain Division.

UVFC is a cooperative club dedicated to sharing the sport of fencing through teaching and mutual mentoring. We strive to enable fencers of all ages to develop their own skills and go on to disseminate their knowledge and experience in support of others. Our practice is rooted in respect for sportsmanship, classical form, contemporary technique and competitive play.

  • We welcome visitors. If you have fenced in the past, or are interested in seeing what fencing is all about, please stop by and join us.
  • We offer instruction sessions through the Norwich Recreation Department . Our home is Tracy Hall in Norwich, Vermont. Information about our class sessions and structure is available on our Classes page.
  • We encourage family participation. We routinely have a parent and one or two offspring taking lessons together. We find through these pairings, the parents are often enthusiastic about getting involved in a physical activity they can share with their kids. Our classes do not require a base level of high fitness, but can result in better overall fitness and stress reduction.
  • We offer classes through the summer as well as the usual fall, winter, spring “fencing seasons”. This continuity can be an advantage for someone new to fencing as classes tend to be small in the summer.
  • For teenage students who wish to prepare for collegiate fencing, or for fencers of any age who think they may want to compete, we offer a wide range of instructor experience.

UVFC does not tolerate any discriminatory act, nor bullying, nor any act of harassment, including but not limited to sexual harassment of any kind, from anyone present at fencing sessions. If you are uncomfortable at any time, for any reason, please notify an instructor immediately.