Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

  •  Well-fitting, non-slip, flat-soled athletic shoes with non-marking soles should be worn. Many fencing moves require a firm contact with the floor to execute properly.
  • To protect our floors, please do NOT wear your fencing shoes to and from Tracy Hall, and keep the soles clean.
  • Long, stretchable pants, not excessively baggy or long. Jeans do not allow you to move enough. Shorts do not provide sufficient protection for your legs.
  • Comfortable, well-fitting t-shirt. You will eventually need to wear this t-shirt under a fencing jacket; an over-sized shirt will tend to bunch up.

Where can I buy equipment?

As stated on the Classes page, we supply equipment for beginning fencers. When and if a fencer wants to fence with electronic scoring, “on the box”, equipment can be purchased from: